The “Best” Way to Attract & Retain Qualified Employees

BestCOMPSM is a “Wage & Salary Compensation Program” customized specifically for your company. At JorgensenHR, our  BestCOMPSM programs are designed to deliver a competitive, cost-effective compensation plan which integrates your management needs and corporate goals. What’s more, our  BestCOMPSM programs will develop expertise within your organization to ensure the best implementation and continuing revision of your program so compensation policies stay current with today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

    1. Develop Multiple Compensation Levels.  BestCOMPSM addresses each level of a company differently regarding compensation
      • Attract and retain qualified employees
      • Control and standardize pay processes for growing companies
      • Link clear and cost-effective pay processes for growing companies
    2. Improve Individual’s Efficiencies. At JorgensenHR we believe that by improving the efficiency of each and every individual, we will improve the overall efficiency of the company.
      • Individual and/or group incentive plans
      • Job standards
      • Assessment systems
    3. Definitive Job Surveys. Knowledge of how others in the industry view a job level is always insightful.
    • Job content and description
    • Market survey

JorgensenHR has put  BestCOMPSM to work in over 16 different industries as shown on our “Client List.” Specific references are available on request.