BestFIT Recruitment

The “Best” Way to Manage Recruitment

BestFIT RecruitmentSM is a “Recruitment Management Program” designed to find and hire the best candidates for key positions at your company. At JorgensenHR, we ensure that you will be successful in hiring the right people for all levels of your organization. We assist your recruitment management team in evaluating your company culture, values and job responsibilities. We also create and design jobs that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

    1. Recruit & Screen. Our BestFIT RecruitmentSMRecruiting Programs will source the marketplace, screen and test candidates and identify the right individual for your company teams. In addition, we manage the reference process.
    2. Compensation Negotiations. BestFIT RecruitmentSM will assist you in developing employment offers, contract negotiations and the development of performance milestones at different intervals. We also help in the smooth integration of new hires into your organization.
    3. Placement Success. JorgensenHR brings to you a collective recruitment background of over 100 years to help you select the BestFIT RecruitmentSM for your organization including the following positions:


* Chief Operating Officer
* Controller
* Sales Manager
* Finance
* Chief Financial Officer
* HR Director
* Engineer (All Levels)
* Administration


    1. More for Less. JorgensenHR keeps your recruitment costs to a minimum, much lower than traditional agencies. That’s because you only pay for the hours we actually spend on the recruitment process.

JorgensenHR has put BestFIT RecruitmentSM to work in over 16 different industries as shown on our “Client List.” Specific references are available on request.