There are times when companies need to make the very difficult decision to terminate the employment relationship with one or several employees. There may be many reasons for this happening – company reorganizations, workforce reductions, or performance. At JorgensenHR, we have individuals who specialize in assisting employees at all levels with job searches and career transitions.


In our role, we work with individuals to:

  • Think through what they want to do next in their careers.
  • Produce action and results oriented resumes
  • Create powerful LinkedIn profiles
  • Create a customized job search strategy using job boards, company targeting, search firms, and networking.
  • Learn effective Networking tips.
  • Write effective cover letters and thank you notes.
  • Learn interviewing skills – studying up on the company before the interview, questions to be prepared for, questions to ask, and more.
  • Interview follow-up – how to maintain contact with potential employers.
  • Assessing and negotiating job offers


JorgensenHR has put BestOUTPLACEMENT SM to work in several different industries, as

shown on our “Client List.” Specific references are available on request.