The “Best” Way to Administer Company Policy

BestPOLICYSM is a “Company Policy Administration Program” designed to improve your written policy communications to employees.  BestPOLICYSM sets company policy standards so that policies are administered fairly and consistently across all departments and levels. BestPOLICYsm also provides the tools your company requires to stay in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


 Employee Handbooks
 Documentation Guides
 Policy Manuals


  1. Policy Training Program.  BestPOLICYSM will assist your company in communicating and implementing new policies and will train your staff to use these policies and procedures effectively. JorgensenHR consultants save you time and money thanks to their years of experience working with specific policies, procedure preparation and various policy communication issues.
  2. Compliance & Protective Documentation.  BestPOLICYSM provides a full-time staff of experienced employee-related policy and procedure experts, clerical support and computer specialists, all of whom are dedicated to helping your company develop protective documentation for specific employee-related problems and to assist quickly and effectively in the compliance of employment laws and regulations.

JorgensenHR has put Best BestPOLICYSM to work in over 16 different industries as shown on our “Client List.” Specific references are available upon request.