The “Best” Way to Train Supervisors & Managers

BestTRAININGSM is a “Management Training Program” designed to improve your managers´ leadership and communication skill sets. At JorgensenHR, our BestTRAININGSM training programs teach team building and motivational techniques to guide management through the complexities of harassment.

Custom Skill-Building Modules. 

Compensation Labor Law
Performance Review Conflict Management
Motivation Change Management
Harassment Awareness Affirmative Action
Best Hire Communication
Discipline & Termination Problem-Solving


  1. Compensation Enhanced Teaching Materials. JorgensenHR has spent 14 years developing and enhancing the unique set of teaching materials provided to managers in training. These materials are designed to be particularly effective in companies where employees and managers are promoted from within the ranks. As a result, many of them do not have the base-line coaching skills necessary to promote effective hiring and discipline.

 workshops are focused on pre-agreed skill sets. They include role playing, case study participation and other kinds of group activities to ensure that successful adult learning is accomplished.JorgensenHR has put