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We Keep the HUMAN in Human Resources!

Do you have a high potential employee you want to groom for advancement?
Do you have an executive with great skills, but a few areas that need development?
Do you want your leadership team to operate more effectively?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, JorgensenHR has a BestHR solution for you. Our BestCoach program can provide a 3-month to 6-month customized coaching program for individuals.

JHR can help prepare them for increased responsibilities, to grow into managers or move into senior positions.

JHR coaches work with individuals, usually executives, but often high-potential employees to help them gain self-awareness, determine developmental objectives and create specific action plans to address their developmental goals. Our work with them helps to unlock their potential and perform at higher levels which ultimately benefits the organization.

JHR coaches create trusting relationships with their individual clients, providing honest, clear and confidential feedback, as well as operate as a supportive sounding board/coach for their clients. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, help provide clarity, provide resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice.

Coaching is always presented as a very positive investment by the company in the individual.

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