Introducing BestAAPSM – The “Best” Way to Meet Affirmative Action Plan Requirements

If your company has 50 or more employees and direct contracts with the government, or you do business with government contractors, there is a very good possibility that you are required to have an annually updated Affirmative Action Plan (AAP).  Due to the time and expertise AAPs require, it is a good idea to outsource your Plan to JorgensenHR.  We can write, update or help you complete your AAP.

Government agencies have the option of reviewing your AAP onsite, or having a copy of the Plan mailed in for a “desk audit.”  Some of the key events that can trigger a compliance review include:

    1. Pre-contract award.
    2. Filed EEO charge of discrimination.
    3. Identified as target industry.
    4. Sexual harassment claim.
    5. Employee “whistle blowing” (even if the complaint has no basis).

With BestAAPSM JorgensenHR can offer your company:

Experience:  We have completed more than one hundred plans for our clients.

Expertise:  Our AAP team of senior consultants and analysts has a combined total of 85 years’ AAP experience.

Backing:  We stand by to provide compliance audit guidance and support.

Options:  Write entire plan, provide just the technically complex statistical analysis, applicant flow assistance, respond to show cause letters, investigate discrimination and harassment complaints, train your managers and supervisors regarding their AAP responsibilities.

Guaranteed:  We make sure you are satisfied with your project.

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