Company Testimonial
Essential Access Health JorgensenHR has provided Essential Access Health with Human Resources support for the last five (5) years.  They have been a valuable resource and support in the areas of employee relations, staff/management training, performance management, compliance, and HR administration.  We look forward to working with JorgensenHR for many years to come!
Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles At the time our HR Director retired, we wanted to consider our human resources options so we looked for interim services.  JorgensenHR came highly recommended.  They were responsive and willing to work with us as we assessed best practices and determined what met our growing nonprofit’s needs.  This was in December 2014… and we are still with them.  Mona Strehler and Linda Harris have become part of our ALZGLA family and have been invaluable resources helping guide us in all aspects of legal compliance, staff diversity, and ensuring our team are professionally happy and healthy.
South Pacific Financial Corporation   You guys ROCK!
Aero Engineering and Manufacturing My Company received notice of a pre-award audit from the OFCCP. The pre-award audit required a copy of our affirmative action plan. I contacted JorgensenHR for help. JorgensenHR provided guidance and assistance in working with the OFCCP Auditor, the data collection process, and creating our first Affirmative Action Plan. JorgensenHR was there for me during this OFCCP audit process and they were great.
South Pacific Financial Corporation Jorgensen HR has been a valued resource and trusted advisor for our company for many years.  Everyone on their staff has always addressed our needs in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism.  Their company values and commitment to best practices thinking mesh well with our own vision and values.  I can honestly say that Jorgensen HR has been an integral part of the growth and success of SPFC.
Marmalade Cafés (Boutique Restaurant Group) JorgensenHR is an invaluable support for our management team. They give our managers the confidence that their decisions are fair and legal. We have 500 employees and we rely on JorgensenHR expertise almost on a daily basis. They provide an objective opinion and help to guide our management deal with sensitive issues.
Vantage Technology Consulting Group Linda, Please let me interrupt your busy day just long enough to reiterate my deep appreciation for the wonderful service provided to Vantage by you and the entire JorgensenHR staff.  My last series of urgent issues reminded me yet again how stressed I would be without the steadying influence of your experience and expertise in the Human Relations arena. Your consideration in always reflecting carefully on my questions is only exceeded by your follow-through and responsiveness. When I need an answer, and I need it today, you are always there! Tami, Connie and all the staff are equally attentive to Vantage needs, and I am always grateful for their help when my personnel concerns arise. It was very reassuring to be able to put your company on a retainer this year. Vantage enjoys getting bills that show a credit available instead of a balance due. Most important, the Vantage Principals and I continue to rely on your valuable input whenever our personnel issues leave us in doubt as to the best course of action available to us.