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Lata Douglas

Payroll Processing

Mohelata Douglas is a highly experienced and dedicated payroll professional. “Lata” comes to JorgensenHR with a strong background in payroll spanning over 5 years to become our first full-time in-house dedicated payroll consultant, supporting our clients with their full cycle payroll processing with their software payroll provider of choice.  She possesses comprehensive knowledge of both the back end and front-end processes with over 10 popular payroll platforms.  One aspect of payroll that truly energizes her is the adherence to deadlines. She thrives under pressure and enjoys the dynamic nature of meeting tight schedules. This constant challenge keeps her engaged and motivated, ensuring that she consistently delivers accurate and timely results.

Her passion for learning and dedication to excellence quickly propelled her to become an exceptional payroll specialist. She is assigned to our most complex tasks, such as setting up clients in our payroll system, managing various components including year-to-date calculations, health insurance deductions, 401k contributions, employer matches, and paid time off accruals. Accuracy and support are ingrained into her every waking moment; such is the trait of a true Virgo!

Lata states, “while numbers have always held my interest, payroll has truly captured my passion. The learning never ceases, and I find great fulfillment in continually expanding my skills and staying updated with the latest trends and regulations in the field.  I can confidently assert that payroll is an integral part of who I am professionally, and I approach it with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm.”

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