Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Employers with five or more employees (including temporary or seasonal employees) must conduct sexual harassment training for all employees before January 1, 2021 and every two years.

The new law requires employers to conduct sexual harassment prevention training for:

  • all non-supervisory employees for a least one hour and
  • all supervisory, management employees or active owners for at least two hours

For temporary or seasonal employees, employers must provide sexual harassment prevention training within 30 calendar days after the hire date, or within 100 hours worked if the employee will work for less than six months.

JorgensenHR can assist you with harassment training with three options:

  1. Group training at your facility
  2. Group training at our offices combined with other companies’ employees
  3. Individual online training

JorgensenHR can assist you in determining which solution is best for you and your employees.

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