JorgensenHR was started in 1984 by Karen Jorgensen who had a vision to create a consulting firm that provided high-level human resources support to businesses. That vision continues today under its current owner Linda Harris. JorgensenHR delivers win-win solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. The mission of JorgensenHR is to “Provide Best HR Solutions to Management.” Each client requires a unique solution to create a better result for the owner, as well as the staff. JorgensenHR develops and implements those unique solutions.

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Linda M. Harris, current owner and President of JorgensenHR began working with Karen in 1998, soon became a partner in the firm and purchased the business from Karen in 2003, when Karen retired.  The name remains unchanged as JorgensenHR is “brand” recognized in the California Human Resources and other business industries.

Linda has over 35 years of human resources experience including 20 years as Vice President of Human Resources at Coast Federal Bank (through mergers and acquisitions now JP Chase Morgan).  In addition to her human resources background, Linda is a California Licensed Private Investigator (Lic #23947) specializing in Workplace Investigations.

The consulting team at JorgensenHR consists of high-level human resources professionals who have served at the director level in corporate and non-profit organizations. They are current or past members of highly recognized professional associations. All are caring, patient, and provide human resources with the objective of having a positive impact in today’s work environment. They understand the importance of internal values, relationships, and company missions. Each of our senior consultants has over 20 years of human resources experience in a variety of industries. Each consultant has a unique gift of commitment for the outcome of the projects they undertake.

Our clients are long term, valued, and repeat customers. They appreciate the professionalism, breadth of experience, and solutions we bring to the table. We are proud and appreciative of our relationships with them.

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