JorgensenHR (JHR) announced today the acquisition of the business operations of Quad-County Human Resources (QCHR). JHR will acquire the QCHR assets, employees, and clients. JHR, a 38-year-old HR consulting firm, headquartered in Santa Clarita, and QCHR, a 13-year-old Orange County HR consulting firm, are joining forces to better serve the needs of their clients.

“QCHR offers an exciting opportunity for JHR to strengthen and expand our HR service offerings.” explains Barry Cohn, CEO of JHR. “With a range of clients, the acquisition of QCHR supports JHR’s strategy to lead the market and meet the future requirements for start-ups, micro and small-size companies in human resources. QCHR will allow JHR’s clients additional consultant availability and to offer another resource to consultant on payroll including wage and hour issues and the ability to process payroll. The QCHR team processes payroll data, calculates meal and rest break penalties, tracks paid time off, and is your go-to resource for payroll consulting and services. QCHR clients will have access to JHR’s Harassment Hotline, BestCompensation, and Affirmative Action Plan solutions, as well as our unique ability to offer clients and law firms top-notch Workplace Investigations under our Private Investigation License.”

“All QCHR consultants will continue working with their ongoing clients and QCHR will now operate as a division of JHR, keeping its 13-year brand and great reputation their clients have always enjoyed,” said Barry Cohn. “The most exciting thing about this merger is joining forces with their President, Tami Wiersma, who will now replace our retiring President, Linda Harris.”

The move to acquire QCHR stems from Barry Cohn and Tami Wiersma’s desire to expand their businesses and to offer their clients new services they could not offer before; QCHR specifically desired the licensed Workplace Investigations that are rather unique to JHR, and JHR wanted to branch into the Orange County and start-up business market.

Linda Harris, President of JHR and Tami Wiersma, President of QCHR, have known each other for almost 25 years, as it was Linda who first hired Tami at JorgensenHR in the late 1990s! Tami was with JHR for 7 years before relocating her family to Orange County and opening her own firm in the area that JHR rarely serviced at that time. “It’s been an exciting journey for Tami on her own, but we are ready to welcome her back home to JorgensenHR. We look forward to watching her cultivate our combined and growing teams, including our very recent acquisition of the Ventura-based Strategies for Human Resources, and bring unity and strength to our brands.”

By acquiring QCHR, JHR will be able to continue to be Results Oriented, Driven by Passion and Guided by Expertise.

About JorgensenHR & QCHR

JHR and QCHR clients are valued long-term relationships. In addition to general HR consulting, we offer an array of HR solutions including outsourced HR, fractional or retained remote and onsite HR Consulting, Affirmative Action Plans, Workplace Investigations, HR Audits and Assessments, Employee Handbooks, Harassment Training, Harassment Hotline, Payroll Consulting among a host of HR solutions for companies with 1-2,000 employees.

Our clients appreciate the professionalism, breadth of experience, and solutions we bring to the table. We are proud and appreciative of our long-term relationships with them.

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Barry S. Cohn

Chief HR Guy & CEO

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