Several California cities and counties implement their local minimum wage rate increases on July 1. California employers with employees working in these jurisdictions should be prepared for these new mid-year local minimum wage rates going into effect.

Effective July 1, 2024, these localities will increase their minimum wage to:

  • Alameda: $17.00 per hour;
  • Berkeley: $18.67 per hour;
  • Emeryville: $19.36 per hour;
  • Fremont: $17.30 per hour;
  • Los Angeles City: $17.28 per hour;
  • Los Angeles County (unincorporated areas): $17.27per hour;
  • Malibu: $17.27 per hour;
  • Milpitas: $17.70 per hour;
  • Pasadena: $17.50 per hour;
  • San Francisco: $18.67 per hour; and
  • Santa Monica: $17.27 per hour.

Employers should confirm in which cities their employees work (including remote employees) to determine if any minimum wage ordinances apply.

Review your employees’ hourly wage rates and make any necessary adjustments by July 1 to comply.

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