Does my company have to fill out this form?

If your company has at least 100 employees or 50 employees and federal government contracts of at least $50,000 then you must fill out the EEO-1 form online.

When do I have to fill out this form by?

There are two components of the EEO-1 Form:

  • The first component which asks about the number of employees who work for your company (sorted by job category, race, ethnicity and sex) must be submitted by May 31st.
  • The second component which asks about pay data (sorted by race, ethnicity, and sex) must be submitted by September 30th.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has stated that they will have an updated portal online by July 15th for the second component.

What timeframe should this data be from?

Employers will need to report 2017 pay data as well. Employers should start looking at their 2017 & 2018 data now and conduct an initial assessment of their systems. Identify the systems that house the relevant demographic, pay and hours-worked data and determine how to pull the information together.

The reported hours worked should show actual hours worked by nonexempt employees and an estimated 20 hours per week for part-time exempt employees and 40 hours per week for full-time exempt employees.


  • May 31: 2018 Component 1 data are due.
  • July 15: The EEOC expects to make the Component 2 portal available to employers.
  • 30: Component 2 data for 2017 and 2018 are due.

To fill out your company’s EEO-1 form please visit:

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Source: SHRM and EEOC.GOV

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